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Minnesota Landscaping Ideas for Spring

A Minnesota winter can make spring feel like far away, but if you want to turn your landscape into a trendy oasis in a warm-weather mindset, here’s one of Minnesota landscaping ideas for Spring this year.

Crating a Lush Garden with Hardscaping

The spring flowers are making their way into hardscaping such as walkway, retaining walls, fencing, deck, and pool house.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas
Minnesota Landscaping Ideas for Spring

NEC, one of the largest Minneapolis landscaping companies, provides landscape design build services in the Twin Cities are of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our landscape designers and architects will help your landscaping ideas turn into an extraordinary landscape.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas for Winter

When you live in Minnesota or the Twin Cities area, snow and ice are a part of winter. Planting evergreens is a way to make your Minnesota snow winter landscape look elegant. For an example, Black Hills Spruce is a Minnesota native plant with a Christmas tree shape and needles that range from bright green to blue color. Evergreen trees can add a pop of color, as well. A Blue Dwarf Spruce will have a blue hue to the landscape element, while the Gold Thread False Cypress can provide a beautiful yellow color. Both can be used as accent points throughout your landscaping.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas for Winter
Minnesota Landscaping Ideas for Winter

Landscaping Ideas for Minnesota in the Fall

One of landscaping ideas for Minnesota in the Fall is to utilize the foliage of the trees. Luckily, if you live in Minnesota, you should take advantage of the brilliant foliage that changes leaf color. All you need is to add a few additional architectural elements such as two pumpkins on the porch, but the trees with foliage are running the show in this landscape design.

Landscape Design for Minneapolis in the Fall
Landscape Design for Minneapolis in the Fall

NEC, one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis, provides landscape design for Minneapolis. It’s advantageous to consult with landscape architects in Minneapolis for designing your landscape for Fall, because they have advanced comprehensive knowledge and skills of landscape design for Minneapolis homeowners and commercial property owners.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas with Gazebo

One of Minnesota landscaping ideas is to place a gazebo as a focal point of your backyard landscape. The gazebo plays a major role in your landscape to provide aesthetic looks as well as calm and relaxed amenity.

As shown in the picture, the gazebo plays a major role in functionally and aesthetically creating an extraordinary landscape as follows:

  • The entrance of the gazebo is placed to provide the gorgeous opening view from the gazebo toward other planting beds.
  • The gazebo can also help define a backyard’s border, especially when the gazebo’s back is aligned with a fence like this.
  • The lighting inside the gazebo create aesthetic effects with safety.
  • The gazebo creates a staycation spot

If you live in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, you may have to drive a couple of hours to get to a vacation spot such as Two Harbors near Duluth, MN. Sitting in a gazebo will make you feel like you are on vacation during the Summer.

It’s highly recommended to hire professional landscape designers or landscape architects if possible. Natural Environments Corporation (NEC), one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis, MN have top-notched landscape architects and experienced landscape designers to help you place the gazebo in the right place to create a beautiful landscape for you.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas – Asymmetrical Landscape Design

One of the newest Minnesota landscaping ideas, especially for Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area is to use asymmetrical landscape design for your garden, yard or lawn. What are asymmetrical landscape ideas?

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas - Asymmetrical Landscape Design
Minnesota Landscaping Ideas – Asymmetrical Landscape Design

A symmetrical landscape design is that the elements on each side of your garden, lawn or yard mirror each other provides a classic look. On the other hand, asymmetrical landscape design gives you a more natural casual feel…unpredictable In addition, the asymmetrical design works well with the newer housing design. Moreover, the diversity of plants can fit in this asymmetrical landscape design.

It’s best for you to consult with your landscape architect who is knowledgeable about contemporary landscape designs. NEC Landscaping, one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis MN has both landscape designers and landscape architects.

Landscaping with Native Plants of Minnesota

Landscaping with native plants of Minnesota helps maintain the floral diversity of Minnesota. Native plants also provide shelter, food and habitat for wildlife, including songbirds and flower pollinators, such as honey bees.

Landscaping with Native Plants of Minnesota
Landscaping with Native Plants of Minnesota

Native plant landscaping is less intrusive than traditional or hybrid landscaping because it requires less fertilizer and pesticide applications, and reduces watering and irrigation. Native plants can also act as filters and help minimize the movement of stormwater pollutants. In another word, native plants naturally play a role in drainage and storm water management for your landscape.

Native plant landscaping can create aesthetic values to your home or office building. The additions such as creating adding garden color harmony using Minnesota native plants can create added values to your property. Check out the drainage using the Minnesota native flowers such as sun flowers, coneflowers, wild lupine and more.

Patio and Outdoor Kitchen for Eden Prairie MN

Landscaping Ideas for Eden Prairie, MN
Landscaping Ideas for Eden Prairie, MN

This waterfront property on Birch Island Lake in Eden Prairie, MN was transformed for an active young couple and their children. The backyard features an outdoor kitchen, stone fireplace and dining patio all with lake views. Natural Environments Corporation, the Eden Prairie landscaping company who designed and installed the landscaping says that you have to consider materials that will stand the exposure of lake front living.

Landscaping Design for Minnesota Winter

Concrete Driveway Minnesota Winter
Concrete Driveway in Minnesota during Winter

When designing your landscape in Minnesota, it’s easy to focus on spring, summer and fall seasons and forget about the long winter. However, taking winter maintenance  into consideration during the design phase can save you a lot of money on snow management. Good landscape design can also allow you to use your landscaping in winter. Here are some landscaping ideas for Minnesota.

If you make access difficult with a narrow concrete driveway or landscaping right up to the edge of the drive, there will be a higher cost for snow plowing or removal. You can reduce snow management expenses with the following tips.

  • The wider the concrete driveway the better
    You need to leave room for the truck to get in and maneuver, so the wider the driveway the better.
  • Leave a place to put the snow
    Setting the landscaping back 20 to 30 feet off the end of the drive allows you to have a place to put the snow, or leaving a 4 to 5 foot room along the side of the driveway to store snow, so that the truck can get in and maneuver.
  • Keep landscaping highly visible
    It is pivotal to keep the landscaping back from the driveway and in highly visible locations. When everything is covered in snow, it’s tough for your snow management staff to see petite plantings.
  • Walkways should have an even surface
    Keep up with walkway repairs during the summer for easy winter maintenance to have an even surface of walkways.
  • Avoid lighting or gates right next to the concrete driveway
    Any light fixtures or other elements next to the driveway that could be damaged by a plow make it harder for your snow management crew to get in and out quickly, which might end up raising the expense.

Lighting and Security

Lighting is a great landscaping idea in Minnesota to add ambiance and style to your landscape project. As with any project, safety is important, and lighting is a perfect solution to any nighttime safety concerns your landscape project may bring about. A softly-lighted walkway to your front entrance sets an elegant mood while providing a safe experience for your guests. Lighting is also a way to add security to your home, discouraging burglars from entering well-lit areas.

If you live in a gated community, they should have a guard house, guard booth, security booth or parking booth at the gate, which will increase the security, but still lighting helps make you feel safer as well as providing the elegant mood.

When it comes to lighting, it’s highly recommended to consult with one of landscape architects.