Landscaping Design for Minnesota Winter

Concrete Driveway Minnesota Winter
Concrete Driveway in Minnesota during Winter

When designing your landscape in Minnesota, it’s easy to focus on spring, summer and fall seasons and forget about the long winter. However, taking winter maintenance  into consideration during the design phase can save you a lot of money on snow management. Good landscape design can also allow you to use your landscaping in winter. Here are some landscaping ideas for Minnesota.

If you make access difficult with a narrow concrete driveway or landscaping right up to the edge of the drive, there will be a higher cost for snow plowing or removal. You can reduce snow management expenses with the following tips.

  • The wider the concrete driveway the better
    You need to leave room for the truck to get in and maneuver, so the wider the driveway the better.
  • Leave a place to put the snow
    Setting the landscaping back 20 to 30 feet off the end of the drive allows you to have a place to put the snow, or leaving a 4 to 5 foot room along the side of the driveway to store snow, so that the truck can get in and maneuver.
  • Keep landscaping highly visible
    It is pivotal to keep the landscaping back from the driveway and in highly visible locations. When everything is covered in snow, it’s tough for your snow management staff to see petite plantings.
  • Walkways should have an even surface
    Keep up with walkway repairs during the summer for easy winter maintenance to have an even surface of walkways.
  • Avoid lighting or gates right next to the concrete driveway
    Any light fixtures or other elements next to the driveway that could be damaged by a plow make it harder for your snow management crew to get in and out quickly, which might end up raising the expense.